Melbourne-based six piece Majak Door are bringing the softest in beachy vibes with their latest track Will She Leave You. Shimmering in golden summer radiance, this song captures pure freedom despite its creation under DIY-lockdown circumstances.

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Filled to the brim with dreamy reverb, the bright guitar that decorates the entirety of Will She Leave You dances around lead singer Frankie Vakalis‘ cotton soft vocals. The melodic free fall shares a little likeness to Dire Straits, but unlike Mark Knopfler and his deep and anchoring voice, Frankie brings a soothing, laid back weightlessness.

Blurring under a haze of vintage bliss, the various instrumental tracks sparkle and splash as they melt amongst each other. Completely enthralling while equally calming, the ebbs and flows throughout the song embody the ultimate surf-rock vibe.

Making the most of the band’s combined audio engineering skill set while battling the limitations of lockdown, the tracks were laid down and sent across the states – from Melbourne to the top of New South Wales – to get the song finished. As Frankie explains:

This track differed from the last single in that we were forced to work from home rather than in the studio. We tracked the drums at our home studio and sent each other bits and pieces to finish off our parts. This approach will now be a big part in the way we approach our recording from now on as we look to broaden our recording and mixing skills.

Stream Will She Leave You below:

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Posted by Rebecca Costanzo