Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Kinkora has released her latest track You Got Me, a sensuous song that offers an instant rush of warm blues trickling from a soft, muted guitar. Coupled with her gorgeous and smokey vocals, Kinkora has delivered a stunningly gentle serenade full of romantic notion and heartfelt gratitude.

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Crafting a vision of cozying up in front of a crackling fire, this song is like someone wrapping you in a warm blanket and handing you a glass of red wine. Taking inspiration from ’90s R&B, with slow-paced hand-clapping and dreamy harmonies, the warmth of You Got Me is all-encompassing.

Kinkora‘s vocals are absolute velvet and a little Alicia Keys-esque. They’re delicate and sensual with just the tiniest smattering of huskiness that harnesses a little extra feeling. Sitting comfortably with the likes of Sabrina Claudio and H.E.R, You Got Me is incredibly restrained, polished and classy – the epitome of a late-night love song that brings in beauty without making it too cheesy.

However the song is more than just a romantic mood, it’s a message of heartfelt thanks. Discussing the track, Kinkora explains: ’I’ve dealt with pretty full on anxiety for a long time. The song is primarily a thank you to my partner who has supported me and provided me with so much love and care during challenging times – and also to my family/friends who are always there for me. It’s a song rooted in gratitude.

The video clip for You Got Me, created by Jordan Gosley and Jane Kim, visualises a perfectly curated picnic that’s slightly quirky and completely blissful.

Stream You Got Me or watch the official video below:

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Posted by Rebecca Costanzo