A tenderly nurtured track three years in the making, Joe Mungovan‘s first single release in 2020 is a cross between indie-rock and roots, filled with soothing slide guitar, dreamy love-filled lyrics, and a little grungy kick.

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Joe Mungovan, a Kiama native, has arrived with his first track of the year. Oozing with charisma, Joe’s songwriting style merges indie pop and rock, with a touch of earthiness from the roots-influenced guitar that’s come to the forefront in his latest release You + Me.

A passion for music that’s stopped at nothing, Joe started his journey with a drum kit at the age of nine. When a skateboarding accident left him wheel-chair bound for four months and unable to sit behind his kit, he started tinkering on the guitar, leading him to find his genre-niche.

Melodic and rhythmic, You + Me is a romantic track that envisions lying under a starry sky while the rest of the world sleeps. With music, wine and good company, the intimacy of the track translates into Joe’s playing and performance style.

I started writing this song back in 2017.  I came up with the chord progression along with the recurring guitar motif and then sat on it for a while. About a year later I wrote the rest of the song around those initial ideas, but when it came to recording the song I couldn’t seem to find the right vibe for it, so I let it stew for a little while longer. Fast forward to last year on tour in Europe, I was playing around with the song while visiting the beautiful Greek islands.  I tried playing it a little more laid back with an off-beat sort of rhythm through the chorus and it all seemed to fall together and make sense.

Joe Mungovan

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Posted by Rebecca Costanzo