As New Zealand five-piece Leisure celebrate their fifth year together, we celebrate the release of their dreamy groove-filled EP, Side A. Side A is a soothing collection of psychedelic guitar, sparkling synth, tranquil reverb and calming vocals. It’s not always easy to create an EP that shines from start to finish with every single track clearly owning its own space – but that’s exactly what Leisure have achieved.

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Slipping Away, the opening track, is the ideal mood-setter for the EP. With a laid-back groove and echoed woozy vocals, it draws a parallel to the likes of Temper Trap. It’s a versatile tune that fits with all moods, and the tempo works whether you’re lounging like a lizard or wanting to move.

Next up is Lonely Nights. Aptly inspired by ‘Japanese city pop and The Bee Gees‘, it’s a tune that pushes a bit more boldly into the realm of disco while still keeping the same funky mellow vibe. You could almost describe the sound as pearlescent, like there’s a stunning sheen on the track that gently glimmers rather than cutting through the light.

Eye to Eye strips things back again, carrying a thicker beat that’s a bit more reminiscent of R&B. The second verse pulls back even more than the first, creating a sense of space and giving the whole track texture. The vocals seem to take second place, breezily drifting over the rest of the tune. It’s a song that helps you lose your thoughts, or could equally give you the room to do all the thinking in the world.

The guitar on penultimate track Spark It Up has a little bit of a Purple Rain tone to it, but unlike the previous track, the vocals come spearing through. The use of reverb, psychedelic guitar and electronic effects continue to create that glowing shimmer that falls across the entire EP.

The final track Beautiful starts to hint more towards R&B again. The vocals anchor into the song more than we’ve yet heard, taking a step back from the dreamy effects and adding new depth and clarity. Elongated synth chords carry the tune as the lyrics take the forefront, complimented by a steady, catchy drum beat.

Side A is an EP that is so perfectly structured from beginning to end. Each track offers its own nuance but as a collective package, the uniformity makes it an even greater pleasure to sit back and listen to.

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Posted by Rebecca Costanzo