On the back of the release of their EP The Adventures of E-Wan, Dunedin quartet Hot Donnas took a dive into the world of good and evil and let us in on some of their best and worst decisions. Read on as we get to know the boys in a whole new light.

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The Adventures of E-Wan is a six track collection of grunge, surf and indie rock. Keeping that garage vibe, Hot Donnas have taken their love of collaboration to create a cohesive body of work that is a testament to their musical growth over the years. With layers of fast-paced ’90s grunge guitar, energetic and belting drum beats, melodic shreds and catchy vocals, this EP is a fiery hit of big energy to help kick off a better time in 2020.

We loved having the opportunity to learn some more about the New Zealand foursome – we’ll call this a bit of a ‘never have I ever’ – as the group let us in on some of the best things they’ve done… and some of the worst.


Good – It’s always a good decision to give it your all when playing gigs. As we are more of a live band, we always give it 100% on game day, whether we’re playing to 5 or 500 people. It’s never a good look to half-ass a performance, it’s just not we are about! Take a look at Rage Against the Machine’s first ever gig on YouTube – you can spot maybe 10 people in the crowd listening, but they still gave one hell of a show. 

Bad – Public urination is never a good decision – especially during the middle of your set. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but if you can, try to take the time and effort to reach the bathroom. 


Good – The best things in life are not always accompanied by a hefty price tag. In fact, some of the finest things in life can be found in some everyday places. The best choice I’ve ever made (and continue to make) is when I go and get a rice ball from Tokyo Cafe in town, bring it home and kick back with some decadent green tea. I know all of us gents would punish one of those at the drop of a hat. 

Bad – Punishing two rice balls before a gig and drinking heaps of beers. I’ve learned that bread is a far better way to go.


Good – Eat before you start having beers before a gig. This is one of the most crucial elements to performing well at a gig. A few beers loosens the body up but it can be a slippery slope if not executed properly. A pre game feed is one of the key secrets to not being too tipsy whilst playing.

Bad – Choosing to go to the toilet just before your flight is due to depart. A certain band member did this during our Australian tour and almost missed our flight. Luckily for him it was only a quick stop but if he were to drag out the process longer, he might have been in a spot of trouble. Always make sure you do your poos prior to your flight being called.


Good – Best decision that I’ve ever made was when I decided to use earplugs every time while gigging. I use them for every gig now after a night and I couldn’t hear my mates talking to me at room level volume as I just had a high pitch ringing noise the whole time. Can’t stress enough how important this is especially when your drummer smashes the cymbals right next your ears at full pace like Animal from The Muppets.

Bad – Although cooking up bacon and eggs for breakfast is a great decision especially after a gig night sometimes it’s not always the best if you have an early morning flight to catch… As a result of cooking the boys up a fat feed you may miss your flight by two minutes and stress out because you are needed to fly halfway across the country to play another show that night. Fortunately for us after 5 hours later at the airport and an extra grand down the gutter we managed to arrive in Wellington with time to spare to make it to soundcheck.

Stream The Adventures of E-Wan below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo