Melbourne trio The Grogans have just released their latest album Day / To / Day. Injecting ’60s surf-rock with a bit of their signature punk tinge and indie influence, Day / To / Day is packed with laid back, vintage jams. One big influence for the band is Australia’s own psychedelic legend Tame Impala. Read on to hear about their top five Tame Impala tunes.

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There are so many great musical pin points throughout the The Grogan‘s latest album. The second track Pretty Dress, sounds like Mel Torme‘s Comin’ Home Baby with a bit of The Clash thrown across the top. Got a Girl, the most recent single lifted from the album, has a bit of The Swingers’ Counting The Beat with some subtle harmonies reminiscent of The Beach Boys. The penultimate track has a similar kind of energy to Dead Kennedys’ Holiday in Cambodia, but without the danger and darkness. Day / To / Day harbours rhythm and relaxation – an easy product of recording in Ocean Grove – in a 12-track package of easy listening, summer time rock.

We wanted to build off of our last album and EPs, writing songs that we enjoy playing and listening to. It’s got a bit more of a 60s surf sound than our last releases; we just like that era – the style, the sound of the time, the cars. We also tried to have less limits, to show our wide variety and bigger picture of what The Grogans are, who we collectively are as people.

The Grogans

Speaking on influences, Tame Impala have been a big source of inspiration for the band. Vocalist and guitarist Quin Grunden gave us the low-down on the group’s favourite Tame Impala tracks.


Half Full Glass of Wine
This is probably the first Tame song I ever heard, probably a couple of years after it was realised, and I  immediately fell in love with it. Starting off fast, and slowing down into that groove seemed so cool to me, and i hadn’t heard anyone do that before. And that guitar tone, still to this day is one of my favourite tones. Then to end the song with a big build up and drum solo, are you kidding me? Are you serious? It blew my little mind.

This song has been on rotation for us over the past few years. It has all the things we love. I think, in especially our earlier recordings, we’ve really taken a lot of inspiration from the heavy, bluesy, swung feel of this song. The big psychedelic breaks down in the middle is such a big wall of synth sounds and it all goes crazy, then to slip back into that main swung riff gives the song a huge lift. Again, another little drum solo, so tasty.

This track is sick, I remember first hearing it and just wanting to record drums that sound exactly like it in our tracks. It really reminds me of a 70s psychedelic jam from someone like Jimi Hendrix. The vocal delays are wild and the arrangement is also really different.   

Is it True
New age tame is another level of production. We love his upbeat, dance tracks that still maintain that psych-rock sound. You can tell he takes pride in his drums because, oh my, that snare sound. A definite staple to tames new music.       

Alter Ego
I really like how this track has a bit more of a boppy, dancy feel to it. I think the drums and bass really give it that feel and even something so simple like just adding the shaker a few bars in really gives the song another layer and such a subtle lift. I think we all like the production of this whole album as well. The drums are so forward and unapologetic in the mix and you can tell that they’re played with so much feel. It kind of reminds me that drums can be such a driving aspect of a song. 

Stream Day / To /Day below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo