EP: Side A- Leisure

As New Zealand five-piece Leisure celebrate their fifth year together, we celebrate the release of their dreamy groove-filled EP, Side A. Side A is a soothing collection of psychedelic guitar, sparkling synth, tranquil reverb and calming vocals. It’s not always easy to create an EP that shines from start to finish with every single track clearly owning its own space – but that’s exactly what Leisure have achieved.

TRACK: Witchuu – Tahlia Eve

Tahlia Eve’s debut single Witchuu is blissfully easy listening, with a bass line that’s deep enough to be seductive and enthralling, a melody that inspires romantic mystique and a beat that could have you writhing in your sheets. While paying homage to classic ’90s pop and R&B, Tahlia Eve is tugging at the heartstrings of reminiscent listeners.