Today, FancyNormal release their debut single Ultra Passion. A nostalgic song about the ups and downs of young love, FancyNormal have kicked off with a track full of sparkle that’s bound to sprinkle a little extra colour on an otherwise grey year. Continuing with the theme, the pair have crafted a playlist dedicated to first love nostalgia and heartbreak – read on for their top 10 tracks.

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PLAYLIST: First Love Nostalgia & Heartbreak

an emotional trip remembering first crushes & heartache

1 Can’t Help Falling in Love – Cannons

Let’s start this journey with a fatal flaw – a heart too trusting & devoted to first love. Cannons take on this well known tune is a broody and emotional recounting of a beautiful & foolish rushing into a relationship against better judgement. Let the gentle synth & vocals overwhelm you just as my first crush did.

2 Right Track / Wrong Man – Yumi Zouma

Yumi Zouma remembers the compromises & red flags ignored as we jump headfirst in with butterflies to this track about a reluctant giving in to emotion & love. Perfectly synced & harmonised vocals reminiscent of a time when you were both on the same page. 

3 Superficial Love – Calica, Magdalena Bay

We love Superficial Love – a playful tune recounting the annoying tug-of-war mind games as you figure out how the other feels and how you stay loyal to your own feelings and needs.

4 Want You In My Room – Carly Rae Jepsen

All in & all in your head. Carly takes us from call me maybe to call me definitely. We love the 80s flanger guitar and Daft Punk-esque chorus as we’re transported into our bedroom overwhelmed & overcome by tension & desire.

5 Come Over – Dagny

Recounting the stomach-turning wait of seeing your crush after days of waiting, counting the hours since you last talked. Come Over is an upbeat tribute to wanting to be more in tune & involved in this new love that makes you come alive.

6 Soak – Matilda Pearl

More people need to know about Matilda Pearl! Remember that moment when you were in too deep & things started turning a little sour. Soak is a perfect picture in time of the internal wrestling of wanting the relationship but also staying true to who you are and what you need.

7 RUSH – Tia Gostelow

Justifying the logical against the emotional – the rush is too real and we choose heart over everything that tells us otherwise. Such a cool vibe to this song – nostalgic synths & vocal reverb is perfect for those days where you’re happy but kind of a little emotional & reflective.

8 The Peanut Butter Song – Maddie Jay

The opening line sums up this song perfectly. Recounting that moment when you ‘wake up’ and see the compromises you’ve made and the reality of the relationship you’re in. Maddie Jay makes us feel feels. Favourite part of this track is definitely the guitars. Also peanut butter.

9 Feels Good – Breakup

It’s over. And it FEELS GOOD. Honestly nothing makes me melt more than Breakup’s vocals. A super catchy tune remembering the relief of being out of a relationship that sucked everything out of who you are, but also kind of wanting to still be in it because it’s now a part of who you are.

10 Sad Songs In The Summer – Olivia O’Brien

Olivia O’Brien wraps this up perfectly with a reflection on all the memories that were made & how every time we relive them we’re reminded of a love now long gone. For us this song was on repeat all of 2020.

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So who are FancyNormal? Vocalist Noni was born in Jakarta. After moving to Australia at the age of 10, the only English she had up her sleeves were the lyrics from Britney Spears…Baby One More Time. Perth-born Jules is a producer and musician who has lent his creative prowess to a number of projects, most notably indie band Bishi Bashi. Together, they’re here to make the new normal a whole lot fancier.

Their debut track Ultra Passion is full of ’80s synth and ’90s pop. Noni’s voice is a total powerhouse. She’s clear and commanding with a hint of the carefree girlishness that takes ’90s kids right back to singing with a hairbrush microphone in front of the mirror. It’s pure, innocent and so full of fun – definitely something worthy of the likes of Tina Arena or Kylie Minogue.

Stream Ultra Passion below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo