Canadian First Nations rappers Snotty Nose Rez Kids have released their latest single Where They At in collaboration with fellow First Nations rapper Drezus. Where They At boasts sharp lyrics, acrobatic beats and an addictive flow. Read on as we take a look at their latest track and as SNRK take us through their top 10 tracks from First Nations artists across the globe.

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Snotty Nose Rez Kids (SNRK) hail from British Columbia and are championing activism and their heritage in their music. The result is a completely unique brand of Indigenous trap and hip hop music.

Just as the duo were getting ready to embark on a huge tour, COVID took hold. The pair have instead turned their energy to working on their next studio album.

Where They At is a track about keeping on going, moving forward and rolling with the roads of life. Yung Trybez says of the track, ‘we’re letting you know we’re doing alright through all the madness‘.

Where They At is an agile track with an eerie opening that sounds like a broken down carnival ride. The scattered beats create so much texture and the downward flow of the bass has a harnessing power. Speaking on working with SNRK, Drezus says, ‘‘Nishtaw’ means ‘brother-in-law’ in my language. I take these guys [SNRK] as my Nishtaws because our relationship with music brought us here. They’re fuckin’ killin’ it.

[‘Where They At’ is] a banger. We want you to enjoy it more than anything. The ‘Where they at?’ line is tongue in cheek. We’re saying, where are the people who turned their backs, who hate online, who didn’t support us? It don’t matter ‘cos we got our braids on and we built a team of real ones. We got all we need.

Yung Trybez, SNRK

SNRK’s Top 10 Tracks from First Nations Artists

SNRK have put together one of our best curated playlists yet, giving us insight into some of their favourite tracks from First Nations artists across the world.

1 Warpath – Drezus
Warpath has always been a favourite of ours and to be honest still is one of the best indigenous rap videos we’ve ever seen! RIP BEAU DICK

2 2 die 4 – Joey Stylez
Joey Stylez is a name everyone in Indian country knows and every rez rapper wanted to be like when it comes to making it in the industry!

3 Liberty City – Nooky
Our brudda from the down unda! His last album Junction Court is straight fire!

4 Eye for an Eye – Boslen
Look out for our cuz Boslen! He is steady putting out hits with a new album on the way

5 Water – Rezcoast Grizz
Sad boy rap for the rez! If you’re a Post Malone fan you gotta give this guy a listen, you won’t regret it

6 Ice Palaces – Kimmortal
Everything Kimmortal touches is gold! Their last album X Marks the Swirl came out in 2019 and is still steady in my rotation

7 Swerve – Lex Leosis
Lex has a voice like no other with a ridiculous pen game!! Look out for a 2021 album that we expect to be her best work yet!

8 Hang It Up Daddy – Lighteningcloud
This is the combined talents of Crystal Lightening & Red Cloud – Legends in Indian country and this track is a vibe

9 Gather Your Feathers by Mob Bounce
We would like to introduce yall to a genre we call indigenous psychedelic! 

10 Need You – Travis Thompson
Travis is a rising star with a sound you haven’t heard before – although we call him the native chance the rapper

Where They At – Single Artwork