Oscar Welsh, the 18-year-old from Suffolk, has shared a sweet little number written about his affection for a girl with an inappropriately timed laugh. We promise you a big helping of puppies with this one as Oscar shows off his adorable Dalmatian (and the namesake of his interest and song muse) Avery.

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Like a serenade through a payphone, Oscar Welsh opens the track with delicate acoustic chords and melodic moments of sweet nothings. Popping into the body of the track, Avery has the feather-light freedom of summer love and adoration. The womp-womp beat harks back to the ’90s, and the way the track keeps halting against the beat has an Alice In Wonderland kind of appeal. It’s uplifting and a little bit quirky, but equally steeped in warmth like chasing rays of sunshine in the late afternoon.

This song is about a girl called Avery. Avery is that individual who giggles when she’s not meant to. She has no appreciation of sincerity and manners, and that’s exactly what I like about her. The song was written and produced in my room, with my new dalmatian puppy sitting at my feet trying to chew my ankles, that’s why I decided to call my dog ‘Avery’ too.

Oscar Welsh

The video clip is a puppy-drenched visual treat. Featuring Oscar’s dog Avery as a wee little pup and another four-legged friend called Spud, the video is full of ’90s style camcorder footage that captures a summery picnic vibe. From grassy fields to the sandy beach, the visual experience is just as calming as the tune itself.

Stream Avery or watch the video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo