This tune is pure sweetness. Full of every possible baking metaphor for sugary love, Ash Kennedy‘s Chocolate in the Morning is a playful, unashamedly cheesy track that celebrates love in isolation and the joys of a bit too much indulgence.

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Looking past the sugary tune, Ash Kennedy has cleverly put together some meaningful lyrics about loving beyond superficiality. She tosses out the negativity of body-shaming and with pure, sweet honesty, unashamedly turns our insecurities on their heads. Instead it’s a celebration of reality, where we find total enjoyment in indulging in new love and finding comfort in acceptance and sharing the little things.

[Her new iso-boyfriend]… is an amazing cook, my best friend, but cringes at the thought of pet names and big romantic gestures. We laughed at how I playfully taunt him by referring to him as ‘pumpkin’ and other food related pet names. I’m a teeny bit of a stirrer, so I thought it would be hilarious to write a song about our relationship in isolation with extra cheese!

Ash Kennedy

It’s got a real Sunday morning feel. Like sitting under pure linen sheets with the sun streaming through as a stack of pancakes are lovingly brought to your bed. Ash has a tinge of jazz and soul in her voice, and the bluesy nature of the guitar makes Chocolate in the Morning more than just a pop song.

It’s warm, fuzzy and loveable. An immediate feel-good bop that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Stream Chocolate in the Morning below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo