UK-based Grammy-nominated artist and producer Maths Time Joy has released his latest track Fall Back. Featuring vocals from Cornwall singer Matt Woods, Fall Back is a glowing fusion of carefully curated beats and explorative vocal stylings that delivers an engulfing soulful experience.

Photo: Joupin

With a scaling bass, soulful vocals and supreme production, Fall Back has that grimy kind of soul feel that blurs the lines between seductive and melancholy. It’s full-bodied and all-consuming, an absolute slow-burning gem.

Maths Time Joy describes Matt Woods as having ‘one of those voices that convey so much emotion in the delivery that you can experiment with the clarity and processing of the vocal and still maintain the emotional impact of the song, and I like having that ambiguity in some of the delivery of the lyrics.

An incredibly intoxicating sense of escapism engulfs Fall Back, with its low-key depth playing tricks on your mind. A good pair of headphones and no other distractions is an imperative for at least one listen of this song. It’s full of little inclusions that make for absolutely joyful listening. Like a game of pass-the-parcel, each time the music stops and you press repeat, there’s a new little gift to uncover.

Speaking on working with Maths Time Joy, Matt Woods says:

He makes the kind of music I want to escape to. I’m also grateful that this song is having a life. It was one of those ones I wrote alone, for me. I never expected to finish it, to release it, until MTJ heard the demo and got excited. When he gets excited, I get excited. He has such a delicate touch as a producer; he gave the words meaning.

The multitude of small variations that litter the production show how much thought has gone into the song, and how well polished the final cut is. Blink and you could miss it, but we beg you – go in with your eyes open and enjoy every last bit of stardust in this track.

Stream Fall Back below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo