Melbourne artist Frank James is walking a line between creating romance with his honeyed vocals and lamenting the monotony of too many hangovers in his latest release Friday. Caught in a trap of chasing fun down the same roads to only find a dead end, Frank James sings of the endless comedowns in an otherwise upbeat tune.

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Frank James is rising up as one of those singer-songwriters with a heart-breaker voice. His beautiful rasp and his calming tone reminds us of Ben Harper, adding even more allure as he sweet talks through the verses. It’s like he’s telling you a secret and wants you to lean in closer so no one else can hear.

A song built on simple foundations, the vocal phrasing in Friday creates an enticing obscurity as shimmering guitars, electrified sound effects and a lulling ‘ooh ooh’ add little bit of extra light. It feels like chasing the horizon as the sun starts to rise on your late night or early morning walk home.

Friday’ is about going out all the time and getting f&*ked up and how that can get a bit monotonous. Sure it’s fun sometimes but not all the time – I feel like its glorified these days so we kinda skim over why we’re doing it and how shitty it can and usually does make you feel. There was a period last year when I felt like that’s all I was doing night after night from the bar to kick-ons for much of the same debauchery, its all fun and games until you notice the sun is coming up and you’re coming down.

Frank James

You can almost feel the sand between your toes as this tropical tune coaxes out a rhythm in your body. Friday is a song that captures the mundane chase, the attempt to catch the sense of fun that got lost in taking the same adventure too many times. The lyrics talk about boredom, and Frank James’ easy going vocals carry a little bit of that indifference to really sell that story. It’s a chilled out track that seems to go with the flow all while completely creating its own.

Stream Friday below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo