Sydney-based alt-pop singer/songwriter Andy Bull has released his latest track It’s All Connected – his first following a small hiatus. Andy has one of those spectacularly distinctive voices, from his adventurous range to his controlled quivering embellishments, and his first song of 2020 spectacularly puts it all on show.

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It’s All Connected was captured on a four-track cassette recorder, and is soaking with upbeat synth. Andy Bull has a gift for controlling the magnitude of the track, with his voice given every opportunity to shine. The euphoria is clear but still reservedly delivered.

Nostalgic elements are generously sprinkled throughout the tune. The little moments of Brit-rock guitar have a bit of an Arctic Monkeys feel, while the retro drum and ’80s baseline have loose disco roots. Andy’s voice is on its own level. His range is breathtaking and the overlapping vocal lines create so much depth.

This song is about trying to take responsibility for yourself by seeing how you are connected to the world, and reconciling with the past in order to make sure that it doesn’t dictate the future. It’s about the difficult but hopeful possibility of positive change, which can only occur when we lay down our histories at the feet of love. This song is dedicated to anybody who is trying to change… same here.

Andy Bull

The video clip was animated by Andy, with the intention of capturing how he believe the song looks. He describes the clip as ‘made to be seen on your phone, since that’s where we all are‘ and ‘full of little Easter eggs and details‘ for the listener to find.

Stream It’s All Connected or watch the official video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo