Melbourne artist Juice Webster has released her latest track Let The Dog Out. In what feels like barely a whisper, Juice takes us through a beautiful moody alt-rock ballad about waking up overshadowed by the weight of unknown answers.

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Recorded in Blairgowrie and capturing a summery atmospheric haze of ease, Let The Dog Out is a relaxed track about unrelaxed thoughts. There’s a despondency in the structure of the tune that errs on the grungier side of alt-rock, and Juice Webster‘ vocal tracks sound doubled over to create a smokey sense of eeriness.

Let The Dog Out is about waking up in the morning and straight away anticipating the onset of the heavy feelings that stem from the big questions. It’s about trying your best to fight them off by going for a walk to be around other people, or by trying to believe in something in order to find meaning, but not quite being able to. 

Juice Webster

Despite not growing up surrounded by religion, Juice describes the tendency to believe in some greater power to make sense of the things in life that don’t make sense. She says, ‘I, like many other people, feel very affected by unjust stories – bad things happening to good people – and in those moments I just really wish that I truly believed there was a reason for it.

The video clip was created with filmmakers Meg Duncan, Geraldine Docherty and Bonita Carzino, and captures a day between lockdowns in Melbourne. The film clip follows Juice as she walks the streets on an ordinary day. She says of the clip, ‘the song has a real continuous and repetitive motion to it, and we wanted that to be reflected in the video.’

Stream Let The Dog Out or watch the official video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo