Not For The Weekend is a rousing follow-up to The Lulu Raes‘ last single Can’t Run No More. The Sydney-based indie pop quintet are showering us with the kind of brightness and enthusiasm that sinks into your soul, bettering your mood and sticking in your head all day.

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The Lulu Raes are capturing a piece of the wildly upbeat, energetic and catchy music that we’re used to seeing from the likes of Ok Go, Jet, The Kooks and The Fratellis. Their most recent track Not For the Weekend is high flying with big smiles, like running at break-neck speed along the beach while the icy cold water laps at your toes, and finding yourself bent-double with laughter as you try to catch your breath at the end.

Frontman Eddie Burton’s vocals are piercing and electric, adding to the song’s euphoric feeling. A slight innocence and rawness throughout the track has it begging for a good time, yet a sassy tone comes creeping through to offer a cheeky wink in passing. The vibrant keyboards are the sparkling centrepiece, with the whole track offering the ultimate in pop/rock tunes.

When this song was first being written, it was written as a middle finger to someone who had decided it was time to move on with their life. Eventually, it morphed into self-reflection, and now it’s really a peace offering to that person. Hope you’re doing well.

The Lulu Raes

Stream Not For The Weekend below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo