Pomegranate is the third release in 2020 from Sydney rock quartet Silky Roads. With a mix of raw blues, deep and indulgent bass lines and layers of both clean and gritty guitar tones, Silky Roads have perfectly balanced power with nuance in one of our favourite releases of this year.

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From the very get go, Pomegranate feels like a soundtrack-to-your-life kind of tune. Imagine driving along the coast with the windows down and the warm summery breeze teasing your hair. It’s just you and the open road, ready for adventure… Or maybe you’ve just robbed a bank and are driving down the highway with adrenaline pumping through your body and cheap thrills thrusting your foot down on the gas.

‘Pomegranate’ was inspired by the art deco. The brooding and mysterious qualities Silky Roads aim to capture in ‘Pomegranate’ put you in a Tarantino-esque setting, trying to capture the darkness and mystery that hits that certain spot for music lovers.

Silky Roads

There’s an air of aloofness in the personality of this track as it boasts a super thick beat, edgy groove and funk-laden bass line. The surfy-blues guitar puts it in line with The Black Keys, with Guy Richards’ vocals working as effortlessly as Dan Auerbach‘s. It’s that kind of rock sound that can never do wrong, with the guitar lines faultlessly switching between soft little nudges and dirtier phrasing.

A spectrum of light and dark flows across Pomegranate, as the heavy bass takes a solo stroll towards the end of the song. The rhythm and energy comes to rear its head again for one more rousing chorus. It will be timeless.

Stream Pomegranate below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo