YesYou have delivered another absolute slice of heaven with their latest soulful song Pray For Me (Only One). With vocals that are nothing short of suave and melodic flourishes that melt away against the slow-burning tune, this is a rich track that matches vintage style with a luscious modern edge.

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From a tribal percussive introduction that is brimming with perfectly placed rhythm, to rich and soulful basslines, Pray For Me (Only One) is warm and voluptuous. The guitar jumps from a gritty twang like Jimi Hendrix, giving the track just a hint of attitude, to a muted Pink Floyd-esque tone that fills it with sophisticated melodic escapism. Punctuated by the silky strings we heard so often across the early millennium (think Moby‘s Porcelain), there are hints of nostalgia in amidst the flawless production. The gentle prods at piano keys offer yet another succulent layer in this exotic jam, but the understated standout is undoubtedly Damon’s velvety thick vocals.

We had originally built the instrumental around a line from The Wild Angels, a 1966 outlaw biker film.  The line was ‘We don’t want nobody pushing us around’. The progression we felt had portray both the sentiment of the line itself but also offer hope that things were going to change. When we found the new vocal it sat in the record in a similar way but provided a resolution which didn’t rely just on the music telling the story


Stream Pray For Me (Only One) below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo