Everything about MINIQ‘s latest song is full of the whispers and moans of late-night seduction. From the gritty streetscape sounds that creep through the background, to the cascading flow of vocals and power driven guitar chords, Space Cowboy captures the chaos we crave in pleasure, chasing that fine line between fast excitement and slow satisfaction.

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Hailing from the NSW Central Coast, MINIQ (a.k.a sisters Isabelle and Dominique Morgan) are casting spells on us with their unique blend of indie-rock. Singing of an unexpected love, the pair have painted a picture so clear that your heart starts racing as soon as the lyrics land. Beginning with a creeping bass line that sets the scene for a brooding tune and a faint police siren that hints at an inner city narrative, this track has all the right ingredients to capture the exhilaration of unanticipated seduction.

I was in a pretty toxic relationship that I finally ended and with no intention I met this Space Cowboy who swept me off my feet. Space Cowboy was his nickname because he was always getting loose and partying hard and for that reason, I thought that when we met it was nothing serious. In my head, he was hot and I was single but now, two years later here we are running a business together, saving for a house and are happy as Larry.

Dominique Morgan – Lead Singer

Dominique’s voice is so deep, powerful and controlled (much like Lana Del Rey) rolling in like thundering waves that trickle out to meet a tranquil sea. The overall vocal impact has a darkness like Nick Cave, who even when singing a love song can sound fearfully bold and tantalisingly dark.

Stream Space Cowboy below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo