Melbourne producer Arty Ziff has delivered a stunning electronic disco-infused track with the enchanting vocals of Fractures. Thought About You is infectiously rhythmic and never overpowering, capturing a refreshing take on a nostalgic kind of dance tune.

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Arty Ziff is taking a dive into new territory as he swaps out vinyl for synths. The Melbourne-based artist has semi-joked that the world of sampling might’ve been catching up to him, but his latest venture into disco-tinged electronic feels like it’s exactly where he needs to be.

Thought About You has all that glittery magic of old school disco, with muted background melodies, swooshing waterfalls of sound effects and conga-like drums. A bedroom masterpiece, Arty played around with the production before enlisting the help of Fractures for the dreamy vocals.

The song is about a past relationship that someone would look back on and reflect what they could have done differently and what they wish they could change. It’s a song most of us can relate to.

Arty Ziff

Accompanying the track is the official video clip, made in collaboration with Jam Nawaz. Working within the limitations of lockdown, Arty Ziff describes how perfectly Jam Nawaz captured his vision. ‘The footage used in this video clip were from Jam’s trip to Japan last year. I tried to explain to Jam what the vibe and feel I wanted and he absolutely nailed it. The objects floating around throughout the video represent things within a relationship and the colours are just a vibe.

Stream Thought About You or watch the official video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo