Tahlia Eve‘s debut single Witchuu is blissfully easy listening, with a bass line that’s deep enough to be seductive and enthralling, a melody that inspires romantic mystique and a beat that could have you writhing in your sheets. While paying homage to classic ’90s pop and R&B, Tahlia Eve is tugging at the heartstrings of reminiscent listeners.

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Witchuu is the ultimate encapsulation of nineties and noughties nostalgia. From electronic pop to rhythmic R&B, this track is a cross between the likes of Flight Facilities’ Crave You and Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name, with peak of sentimentality caught in the hand clicks that puncture the beat.

The track describes the type of relationship that stems from a club scenario, and alludes into the development of something more. It follows the emotions of having an attraction to someone, the giddy feeling everyone can relate to when you’re waiting for a text back along with the initial infatuation that comes from the beginning of every relationship.

Tahlia Eve

With all the hallmarks of the perfect late night jam, there’s still an innocence to the tune (or maybe it’s just that honeymoon period vibe). But Tahlia Eve‘s gorgeous vocals are so rich, yet light that they just float so effortlessly above the whole track, a little like Tony Braxton or Brandy.

Stream Witchuu below:


Posted by Rebecca Costanzo