Winter is the latest single lifted from Neon Pattern Sundial‘s upcoming EP One Moment Never Meant A Thing (out 4th Dec). Based in Melbourne, Neon Pattern Sundial (formerly known as Ben Alpine), combines energy and tranquility to create a fully immersive soundscape.

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Opening with layers of echoed vocals and a melodic guitar line that creates a similar feeling to that of Audioslave‘s Shadow on the Sun, NEON PATTERN SUNDIAL‘s latest track Winter offers introspection, depth and an ironic sense of warmth. Project creator, Ben Rizio, has drawn upon influences such as The Japanese House and Tycho to construct a cascading flow of rhythm, melody and melancholic ambience.

I tried to keep the lyrics quite ambiguous and indirect, which honestly came from a place of shyness and not knowing how to write what I felt without fear of criticism. They paint with broad strokes a depression that you just want to be over. The concept is sad, but the sentiment is quite optimistic.

Ben Rizio

The song is anything but predictable. The first shift in pace after the first verse takes the track into more electronic pop, with a background melody that sounds like retro spaceship sound effects. The shift around the three-minute mark takes a moment to regroup before introducing new bouncing percussive beats. A song about one season that feels like a journey across several, Winter is an expansive musical soundscape full of zigzagging melodies and meditative vocals.

The lyric visualiser, created by editor Juliet Bryant, captures the tranquility and cool hues of the track by masterfully playing with a sprinkling of light against the darkness and rigidity against the calm.

Stream Winter or watch the lyric visualiser below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo