TRACK: Thin Skin – Sunflower

Brisbane group Sunflower have released their shining new track Thin Skin. A sentimental track full of warmth, the vastness of an orchestra and the reliability of rock, Thin Skin is an all-encompassing, passionate piece of music. Accompanied by the official video that takes a dreamy stroll through varying scenes, Sunflower have captured the freeing feeling of finally letting things go.

PREMIERE: Trace Decay’s debut EP ‘Monstrous Subconscious’

There’s something about Trace Decay’s sound that gives you the sense of standing alone in an arena and witnessing your own private spectacle. Their debut EP Monstrous Subconscious, officially released tomorrow, is a five-track experience full of cascading guitars and compelling vocals. The Melbourne indie-pop pair have deftly created a brilliant debut that plays with melancholy and hope. Read on for an early listen of Monstrous Subconscious.

PLAYLIST: The Bonnie Doons X Like Velvet Music

Last month, Brisbane’s The Bonnie Doons released their EP The Betweeners. Premised on making better decisions, The Betweeners is a four-track collection of delectably warm and funky tunes that lyrically explore reevaluating our lives and doing what’s best for us. As The Bonnie Doons continue to write music that has us excitedly throwing back to so many classic genres, we asked the boys to give us a list of some of their favourite tracks.

INTERVIEW: Kingswood

If any band has gone above and beyond for their fans this year, it’s Melbourne’s favourite sons, Kingswood. Not only have they delivered the powerhouse record Juveniles, but they also treated fans to a reimagined version of the album, later releasing Reveries. If we haven’t been spoilt enough, the boys are capping off the year with their very own crooning Christmas album. We had a chat with lead vocalist Fergus about the year that was and the festive season to be.

EP: Living In the Heat of It All – Andy Martin

Last month, Brisbane-based multi instrumentalist Andy Martin released his debut EP, Living In The Heat Of It All. He’s a musician who is certainly not afraid of big arrangements, and this EP proves just how boldly he’s willing to push his own boundaries. Andy manages to take from the familiar while bending the rules, constantly surprising us with unlikely little nuances. Read on as we take a look at each track of Living In The Heat Of It All.