Somewhere between an intergalactic space war or what could become the modern day take on Cantina Band, Melbourne duo Juno Disco’s latest song is glittery and zingy. You’re So Hung Up On My Colours is an energetic and funky track that practically sparkles with its dancing rhythms and ethereal vocals. Read on as the pair take us through their Top 5 Up & Comers in music.

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Juno Disco is the project of Nick Bond and Albert Salt. Combining classical training with sampling and experimental electronics, the duo are boldly leaping into the arena of left-of-centre dance tunes and buoyant bops.

In a world where the lines between genres are becoming increasingly blurred, we’ve never been more opened-minded as listeners. It’s musicians like Bond and Salt that continue to create excitement and find the ‘new’ in a world where so much has been done before.

This single is our ‘love-letter’ to the world of showbiz. It muses on what it means to be a musician or any kind of creative performer in this day and age, but also touches on some timeless truths about the entertainment industry.

Juno Disco

The Soundcheck – Top 5 Up & Coming

Aeroplane Mode

This dreamy new band dropped their debut single ‘Settle Down’ last month and it is incredibly soothing. The music video is like a visual ASMR that takes your chill factor to 1,000. We’ve heard a couple cuts from their debut and can confirm there is some serious heat on its way (but a really gentle, relaxing heat like an indoor fireplace or a candle). Must listen.

Tamara And The Dreams

Tamara dropped a stupidly catchy earworm last month called ‘Internet Song’. It’s a fuzzy little bedroom pop number with an infectious hook about spending too much time online. Please listen immediately, although we will not be accepting responsibility for your inability to get this track out of your head – you have been warned.

Benny Morrell

Benny has been making pretty slick hip hop tracks for a few years now, but recently dipped his toe into the dance pool with his new track ‘Sidepiece’. The track makes you laugh and boogie all at once, as the eponymous Sidepiece muses on being relegated to the romantic interchange bench.

Francesca Gonzales

You should already know about Fran. But if you don’t, she is one of the hardest working musicians in town. If there’s anything I know about Fran, she won’t have spent 2020 twiddling her thumbs – she’ll be cooking up something pretty serious for 2021. Watch this space.


Okay so this is another stretch given that these guys are from Sydney, but if there’s anything 2020 has taught us, it’s that we’re all just one big community, aren’t we? We came across their stuff during lockdown this year and have been rinsing it to death. They have some seriously well produced House and Disco releases in the Todd Terje/Harvey Sutherland ilk, but are becoming equally well known for their remix work. Check them out!

Stream You’re So Hung Up On My Colours below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo