Last month, Brisbane’s The Bonnie Doons released their EP The Betweeners. Premised on making better decisions, The Betweeners is a four-track collection of delectably warm and funky tunes that lyrically explore reevaluating our lives and doing what’s best for us. As The Bonnie Doons continue to write music that has us excitedly throwing back to so many classic genres, we asked the boys to give us a list of some of their favourite tracks.

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After hearing Fred, the first single lifted from the EP, we had an instant love affair with The Bonnie Doons‘ laid back style. Like something right out of Southern California, their modern take on surf rock plays with funky licks, groove-laden bass, reggae rhythms and ’90s pop. You always can count on these guys for quality tunes, but better than that, they’ll always keep you guessing (like the burst of hip hop influence that comes powering through in Supatool).

Ultimately it is about being truthful to yourself; to quit deceiving yourself because it’s easier at the time, and having the confidence to stick to your guns. In a day where anxieties are prevalent everywhere, we’re trying to focus on making our actions more deliberate. Don’t just sit back and let life happen to you. We should all be the main character in the movie that is our life.

The Bonnie Doons

With melodic glimpses of the likes of Ocean Alley and Lime Cordiale against the similar vocal stylings of Erykah Badu and Outkast throughout their EP, we were eager to find out what The Bonnie Doons have playing on repeat.


Doin’ Time – Sublime 
It was something about the subtle mixture of reggae and almost rap that instantly appealed to me.

Bad Bad News – Leon Bridges 
I take inspiration from how much soul Leon put’s into his music.

Wake up – The Green 
This is just a good, solid, reggae song.

Flowers and booze – Ocean Alley
I love the beachy jungle feel they open up with, a great one to dance to.

Can I live – Jay Z
It’s ultimately Jay-Z’s flow that I love the most about this track.

All Falls Down – Kanye West 
This is literally my favorite song in the world. Syleena’s vocals contrast Kanye’s raps so well.

Dani California – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Such a solid groove for a rock song, with a great guitar solo.

(Sittin’ on) the Dock of Bay – Otis Redding
The classic tones of the vocals and the whole vibe of the song makes me feel at home.

Just the Two of Us – Bill Withers 
Takes me back to some of the roots of the music that I grew up listening to with my mom.

Clouds and cream – Sticky Fingers
The tight bass line and the production really stood out from this one.

So fresh, so clean – Outkast
Andre’s raps are another level, his cadence is like no other.

Stream The Bonnie Doons X Like Velvet Music playlist below:

Stream The Betweeners (Spotify) here.

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo