There’s something about Trace Decay‘s sound that gives you the sense of standing alone in an arena and witnessing your own private spectacle. Their debut EP Monstrous Subconscious, officially released tomorrow, is a five-track experience full of cascading guitars and compelling vocals. The Melbourne indie-pop pair have deftly created a brilliant debut that plays with melancholy and hope. Read on for an early listen of Monstrous Subconscious.

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We’ve said it before, but we have to say it again. Jordan De Pas has magic in his voice. He has harnessed this Chris Martin-esque muffled depth which is entirely familiar, yet nothing that would immediately prompt you to think of Coldplay. Contrasting against glowing compositions that shower down throughout the EP, like the misty specks of water that tickle your skin, his vocals are compelling and grounded.

The title Monstrous Subconscious gives a misconception of something dark and heavy, but on the contrary. The ethereal collection of songs feels light and imaginative. The vibrant introduction offered by Surprised At Something, which teeters between bright melodic sparks and melancholic sentiment, sets the tone for the EP with its brilliant drums and warm sliding guitars.

Reality Check strips things back to a lone acoustic guitar, giving Jordan the chance to put his dynamic vocals front and centre. As his voice melts into the rhythm, the same overwhelming sense of gushing warmth filters through in perhaps the most emotive track of the EP.

Following this is Empty Handed, a luscious and confident song that hints at the pair’s potential live-show energy, and another track that throws the spotlight on Jordan’s ability to deliver a brooding yet engaging moodiness.

Never Felt Like This is a blissful tempering of the pace, punctuated by synths and low-tone guitars, before the EP reaches its final piece. Arcade Games caps off Trace Decay‘s glowing body of work. With guitar arpeggios that sparkle like tinkling glass, buzzing electric guitars and luminous layers of reverberating vocals, it’s a beautiful end to the EP.

For both the hopeful and the heavy hearted, Monstrous Subconscious is officially out tomorrow (Friday 11th), but you can stream it early below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo