Sunshine Coast artist LUUNG (a.k.a Bailey Jeffs) has offered up a lush taste of his upcoming EP. The 22-year-old writer and producer is taking a combination of DIY techniques and gushing melodic components to create his own divine coastal style, and Picture This is the first immersive glimpse of what he’s got on offer.

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Picture this is the first taste of Bailey Jeffs‘ upcoming body of work, Did It Get Any Better? Inspired by his coastal lifestyle in the sunshine state, his music moves in waves to create a dream-like sense of space and sparkling sense of serenity.

Written and recorded in one day, Picture This comes organically flowing through your speakers, like sand falling gracefully through an hourglass. Bailey Jeffs’ gentle vocals sound like secrets caught on the wind and delicately captured by their listener’s ears.

Luscious and simple, Jeffs has opted for the ‘less is more’ approach to total effect. He says ‘the main lyric is so simple and real, it didn’t need to be further unpacked or over complicated by a bridge section.’ In a song that is a heartfelt cry for someone you love, the production has taken a step back allowing falsetto vocals to wash over the song.

Stream Picture This below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo