Brisbane group Sunflower have released their shining new track Thin Skin. A sentimental track full of warmth, the vastness of an orchestra and the reliability of rock, Thin Skin is an all-encompassing, passionate piece of music. Accompanied by the official video that takes a dreamy stroll through varying scenes, Sunflower have captured the freeing feeling of finally letting things go.

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Sunflower have created layers of melting soulful vocals that give us goosebumps. There’s something so nostalgic about Kahlia Ferguson‘s vocals. She carries the same charm in her voice as we might have found from pop singers in The Corrs or LeAnn Rimes era, but there’s something richer and more refined on top.

The grand piano adds such a warm element that embraces the whole track, somehow cementing the whole tune from underneath while also tinkling over the top. The electric guitar that enters towards the end helps to boil up all the energy and emotion, pushing the vocals harder.

Taking a more reflective approach to their songwriting, Thin Skin shows a new vulnerable side to the band as they try to inspire a bit of hope in an otherwise chaotically confusing world.

Thin Skin’ is about accepting that life is going to deal you difficult cards sometimes, and letting go of anything that doesn’t add value to your life is one way you can beat the darkness. You can be your own worst enemy if you let the difficulties of life tear away at you. We only get one life, might as well learn to love it.

Kahlia Ferguson

Stream Thin Skin or watch the official video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo