Starting the year with self-reflection is sometimes exciting and often daunting. But here to slowly coax us into a contemplative reverie is Aya Yves. Her latest track Brave is a tender and sincere look inwards and forwards that is the perfect marker to starting the year afresh.

With effortless and gentle tranquility, Aya Yves has an incredible ability to bring you close to tears with the whisper of a single note. Piece in her honest and emotive songwriting, often tackling the difficult things in life that no one really knows how to navigate, and you’ve got an exquisite introspective experience.

Creating a sense of safety in a song that helps listeners transcend the space around them, Aya Yves can deliver crumbling honesty and fierce determination in equal measure. In a sense, she’s sharing an internal monologue, with vocal flourishes that could represent anything between celebration or anguish, and capturing a beauty in her vulnerability.

Describing the original energy of the track’s creation as being ‘centred around being scared of new relationships‘, Aya Yves describes how the journey changed along the way. ‘...I wasn’t going into a new relationship, and as the song progressed it started taking on a new meaning for me. I’d recently moved cities, quit my day job in pursuit of full time music and I was terrified. I had to back myself and believe in the journey.‘ 

I see Brave as a reminder to myself that change is good, and growth happens outside your comfort zone. The feeling in the writing room that day for me was one of coming home, which is a rare feeling for someone who’s lived out of home since age 15. It holds such a special place in my heart, and I get that feeling back every time I get to perform it.

Aya Yves

Stream Brave below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo