Australian born, UK based singer Georgia van Etten has stunned with the title track from her upcoming album Deep Black Water. Tackling ‘class struggle, racism and… governments who do not listen‘, Georgia’s lyrics provide a formidable voice to the hard-to-meet expectations on her generation and the harsh realities of battling work and life with little support.

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Following in a similar vein as Mia Wray‘s Work For Me, Georgia van Etten‘s latest track is steered by the kind of rich and commanding vocals that elastically move with each note to deliver gospel-like chants. This is particularly so with lines like ‘take me down to the deep black water‘ that create organic imagery and metaphorical intrigue.

Just as it throws back to gospel and the storytelling style of old southern blues, there’s also a modern edge of boldness and a powerful presence that is reminiscent of a James Bond soundtrack.

Georgia plays between delicacy and heaving guitar notes, with elements like a chain-gang style beat, gentle strings and a dirty organ taking prominence in the track. Then, cutting through the back half of the song, we’re gifted a fleeting blues guitar riff which stands in stark contrast to so much of the song – yet just perfectly fits.

Deep Black Water’ is a powerful reflection of life as a young person today. Inspired by the stories I have collected from students I have taught in London’s poorest areas and that of my own experiences in a money driven, elitist world

Georgia Van Etten

Stream Deep Black Water below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo