Setting the mood for sensuality in the early days of 2021, SA.MAY‘s latest track Something is a luscious and dreamy dip into temptation. Laced with funky phrases, muted blues guitar and enticing finger clicks, Something is an indulgent mood-setter for a flirty whisper in the night.

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Described as ‘ethereal pop with woozy production‘, Something has that same heady euphoria you get from a cheeky flirt and just the right amount of champagne. It’s the encapsulation of magic about to happen, endless possibilities and pure pleasure.

This isn’t your average tale of girl meets boy with the anticipation of waiting for the boy’s first move. This girl has come to play. She’s harnessing power and affirming her worth. Lines like ‘I’ll be your queen, you’re my joker‘ add to this sentiment while keeping up with the playful seduction.

The lurking guitar and bass creep into a groove-laden chorus, which continues to hold the same dreamy constraint as the rest of the track.

‘Something’ is about the start of a new relationship beginning to bloom, drawing on my own personal experiences. It’s the start of a new era in my life, which is why I think it’s perfect to release in the New Year.

Stream Something below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo