With tinkling keys, intricately opposing rhythms, and a ticking beat that might represent the hours rushing through a sleepless night, Melbourne’s Quiet Blue explores the introspective moments of being a night owl. The Nights is an emotive song that pulsates with the intensity of restlessness and overthinking, culminating in a lush production full of jazz influence.

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Immediately taking the obscure tempo of jazz, a delicate piano plays against deliberately mistimed notes. Falling into a chasm of curiousity, listening to The Nights is like determinedly searching for patterns that don’t quite exist, chasing mysterious musical cues and collapsing into a blissful oblivion that is needled by the occasional burst of confusion. It’s like being in a half asleep dream state, trying to reach out to a beautifully contemplated paradise while the scene in front of you dissipates in a momentary panic.

In actual fact, the track is about the spiral of being lost in your own thoughts, as a calm mind can suddenly remember a moment of embarrassment that has long since past. Much like the idea behind the song itself, it’s a dangerous cliff to be tiptoeing towards, yet a spectacular view to behold when safely observed. The overall effect of The Nights is beautifully complicated and buoyantly peaceful.

When everyone else is asleep it can feel pretty lonely, and all of my thoughts can sort of spin out of control, all of a sudden I sometimes find myself plagued by anguish over something that happened 5 years ago, something I said or something that was said to me or a situation that I wish had a different outcome. The nights sort of details how I’ve come to understand this process and grow not to fear it: the sun may have set where I am and it may feel lonely and severe but really the sun is rising somewhere else, things keep moving and changing and it’s not my place to be lost in thought about what has been or what could have been.

Quiet Blue

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Posted by Rebecca Costanzo