In what might be her best track yet, Melbourne local Tanya George has slowed things down. Using her signature vocal-looping prowess and stunning 4.5 octave range, Welcome is a challenge to open up to the duality of love and fear, wrapped up in a seductively jazzy bundle.

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Just as 2020 brought us a lot of songs that helped us to reflect on the upending changes in our world, the first month of 2021 is dazzling us with the tracks that are giving us the space to challenge our inner voices and move upwards.

Tanya George’s latest track Welcome is exactly that kind of challenge, encouraging us to open up and acknowledge both sides of the coin and helping us to see that there is power from good and bad, light and dark, and everything that falls in between.

Welcome has roots in a jazzier style of performance with the intricately placed ‘tika-tas’ and walking bass line created by Tanya’s stunning vocal loops. With glimpses of blues and the inviting audience involvement of gospel, Tanya continues to exhibit her flawless ability to harness every inch of her vocal range and create a capella masterpieces.

‘Welcome’ is about welcoming two emotions – love and fear – equally by bringing them together to create the change we want to see within ourselves or others. Both emotions are just as important as each other and change is a necessity in order to keep growing and learning.

Tanya George

Stream Welcome below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo