CLEWS have tickled the teenage fantasies of the 20-30 something’s with their latest song Want You That Way. Like a tribute to the soundtracks of our favourite ’90s flicks, CLEWS’ latest offering is a repeat-worthy anthem that makes light out of the dark. Speaking of songs that can’t be turned off, Clews have let us in on their favourite tracks that keep them sitting in their car long after they’ve got to where they’re going.

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Sydney-siders Lily and Grace Richardson are the dynamic sister duo that is CLEWS. Their latest track Want You That Way is a ’90s pop/rock throw back full of edgy percussion and bright vocals packaged up in a super clean production. Starting in Lily’s living room with an acoustic guitar, with Grace then adding guitar and harmonies, the pair later recruited Dylan Adams (DMA’S, West Thebarton) to bring the song to life.

Masked in a vibrant and catchy tune full of excitable vocals, high energy and addictive hooks, Want You That Way is actually a sad song that reflects on the passage of time and the diminishing of bonds that were once strong. As Lily describes, ‘[i]t’s sad that sometimes people have to get cut out to let others in. But in the end, I hope this song serves as a proclamation of self-love and the confidence to be happy on your own.

I wrote Want You That Way on a rainy day when I was reflecting on my oldest friendship from childhood that’s so non-existent now it’s like it never happened. It’s about how lots of different relationships can affect you; your friendships, romantic relationships, your future relationship with the child you’re going to adopt someday, your past relationship with versions of yourself.

Lily Richardson

Stream Want You That Way below:

CLEW’s Top 5 Songs You’d Sit in the Car to Listen to in Full After Arriving at Your Destination

Love Spreads, The Stone Roses. It’s quite long, but this song has the absolute best intro of all time and it never cools down from there.

Hot Girl Summer, Megan Thee Stallion. It would be simply rude to skip this song at any point. Nicki and Megan’s verses are so good and if you know every word you have to stick with it to the end. Meg keeps it truly filthy and the beat is kind of cyclic so you can’t escape it. 

It’s Gonna Be Lonely, Prince. What a journey this song is, it just keeps climbing and climbing. You have to let it play out because it absolutely soars to so many high falsetto points and Prince is shredding “it’s gonna be lonely baby, so lonely baby” right to the end.

Love Of Mine, Nickel Creek. This is one of my most beloved songs and I chose it because the harmonies stack up so high towards the end it’s worth listening all the way through every damn time. There’s so much light and shade in the arrangement – plus there’s a key change in there, need I say more. 

a lot, 21 Savage. The lyrical ‘a lot’ motif in this song is so addictive and I love J Cole’s verse too. This song has such a bittersweet story, but it also slaps so hard. I would happily sit in my car and listen to this long after I pull into the driveway. 

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo