Sydney artist Sarah Yagki is pushing the boundaries of pop with her latest release This Won’t Hurt. The multi-instrumentalist is carving an enticing pathway with her raw lyrics, catchy beats and sensational ability to control the mood of her music. Read on for Yagki’s very own playlist of the current influences she has on high rotation.

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With mellow and moody undertones, Sarah Yagki’s latest track This Won’t Hurt is a nostalgic capsule of noughties pop and minimalist retro dance beats. The overlapping vocals emulate the fiery passion of The Veronicas and their addictive pop sound. The title ‘This Won’t Hurt’ suggests confidence, while the full body of the lyrics mirrors the anticipation of choices that will inevitably cause pain.

This song is about falling back into habits with an old relationship, with the inability to let go of one another, despite knowing that it will hurt. It’s about relearning to see someone you used to love in a different light, and the push and pull when processing to let go of someone you can barely see yourself without.

Sarah Yagki

Sarah Yagki’s approach to her latest track shows a new-found energy from the multi-instrumentalist that will reinvigorate old fans and draw in new ones.

Full of warm pop vocals, gentle electronic beats and sonic playfulness, Yagki has put together a playlist of her influences for Like Velvet readers that captures the beginning of a new era for the artist.

Stream This Won’t Hurt below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo