Brisbane-based indie folk artist Asha Jefferies is shining a light on embracing vulnerabilities in her latest track. Break is a song that creates comfort in falling and power in rising back up again, while acknowledging that we only hurt ourselves more by not giving in to the pain we need to feel.

Image: Joshua Tate

The best ever thing I did was break.” This is the phrase repeated by Asha Jefferies in the chorus of her latest track Break as she laces the verses with a tale as old as time. Falling in love with the wrong people, convincing your teenage heart that a little bit of belief is the reason to love someone with your whole heart, searching for a piece of understanding that remains just marginally out of reach.

Described as Asha’s journey of breaking off, breaking down and breaking through, the track ebbs and flows with subtle intensity and a gentle outpouring of emotion. The nuanced sound effects that fill the back layer of the song create so much depth, and the slight quaver in Asha’s voice and breathlessness in her repeated refrain of ‘breaking‘ as the song comes to a close paint the picture of vulnerability.

When you’re in an emotional state, so much pain comes from the resistance to feeling what you need to feel. The message behind my music is that you can be at peace with your vulnerabilities, anxieties or trauma. You don’t have to be at war with yourself.

Asha Jefferies

The official video was filmed and edited by Joshua Tate and Cody Wood and captures the feeling of being dumped by crashing waves. But while there’s something about the sea that’s dangerous and frightening, there’s also something that’s calm and cathartic.

Stream Break or watch the official video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo