Grace Sanders‘ latest track DISSIPATE is a tantalising spread of whimsical softness and gnarly distortion. There’s a sultry edge to Grace’s tracks that gives the sense of danger and darkness while equally delivering delicate beauty. Coupled with her challenging lyricism, DISSIPATE is a creeping tune that delivers something new with each repeated listen.

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Starting with the muted serenade of nylon strings that are complemented by low-key melodic tinkles and a single underlying bass line, DISSIPATE is instantly mesmerising.

From the first note uttered by Grace Sanders, it’s clear this track is a heavenly listen. From exquisitely airy vocals that cause a goose bump inducing delicacy, to an even higher note that trickles down your spine, DISSIPATE is whimsical and weightless.

Singing of feeling like a butterfly, the choice of ‘dissipate’ as the central word removes the typical metaphor of transformation and instead paints the picture of floating into an quasi-existentialist reality. With angelic tones that dive into the grind of 90s-style electropop, as well as complicated lines like ‘I’m not here but they’re not anywhere‘, the song creates so much lyrical and musical intrigue.

DISSIPATE’ is an ode to mindfulness and surrendering to the peace and beauty within each moment. I wrestle a lot with anxiety and this track was my meditation on learning to accept each minute and second for what it is and practise living within that moment rather than constantly getting caught up in my head.”

Stream DISSIPATE below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo