This month, Melbourne-based production duo Close Counters teamed up with 30/70 singer Allysha Joy to deliver their latest track SPEAK IN TRUTH. The track mixes lush sonics with tantalising off-beat rhythms to create an understated dance song, elevated more by the jazzy styling of Joy’s vocals as she liberates listeners and empowers them to speak their own truths.

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Close Counters (a.k.a Finn Rees and Allan McConnell) are becoming well known for their disco-infused dance tracks that ooze warmth and euphoria. With a knack for soft-flowing production that still packs a punch, the pair are cultivating a repertoire of tunes that fuse neo-soul, hip-hop and disco in equal measure.

Their latest track SPEAK IN TRUTH thrives off the distinctive vocals of Allysha Joy, who somehow mixes ethereal tones with a soulful and jazzy edge. Her voice is full-bodied with a jaunty oomph, creating the spine-tingling signature rasp of a whiskey-sipping singer.

While still a driving force, Joy’s vocals leave plenty of room for the racing rhythm to shine through. With off-beat high hats and a speedy reggae-funk groove, the melody and tempo keep bouncing off the sides and colliding in the middle to create something truly attention-grabbing.

I felt really disconnected to the people that I love, I felt I was protecting them by being polite or quiet or pretending to be ‘okay’. I was so afraid of the judgement; left dimming my light for the sake of other people. But wow it can be so much more damaging for ourselves and those close to us if we pretend, if we stay silent… Speaking your truth and allowing others to do the same cultivates spaces of healing and connection. We are all human, we all want connection and we all want honesty.

Allysha Joy

Stream SPEAK IN TRUTH or watch the official video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo