Yawdoesitall has kicked off 2021 alongside fellow Sydney-sider Tawanda to deliver a dynamic track that’s bursting with a whole new energy. Standing in stark contrast to the late night mood-setter of Armadillo, TEST DRIVE is looking to play up and create something wild.

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There’s nothing about TEST DRIVE that let’s you try before you buy. There’s no soft introduction or subtle build up. There’s no second guessing about what is yet to come. It’s just instantly seductive, starting big and going hard from there.

The song is built around a beat supplied by Miinor, with the looping melody mixing xylophones and a jagged string-like synth that sounds like a creepy circus show. It’s busy, intense and energetic with a hint of Latino rhythm.

Between Tawanda‘s sharp vocals and Yaw‘s delicious and deep tone, the pair have crafted the ultimate combination to showcase their skills, particularly as Yaw plays with a hiccup-like pitch and texture later in the track.

One of the most exciting things about this track is the elevated potential of what we’re yet to see from Yaw. His previous track Armadillo with Maina Doe was moody and sexy, and while TEST DRIVE is lively and hard-hitting.

This is a fun song we made right before my solo show at Oxford {Art Factory] in 2020. Contrary to popular belief, we felt being a rapper came with a demand to have it all and own all the coolest stuff. With ‘Test Drive’, we say “Pull up with a Chevy/And it not mine”, as we debunk these flashy expectations by actually stating the struggle of being cool, but having to borrow or rent some of the stuff we use. A mockery, but also a fun way to go back and forth with Tawanda, verse by verse. This is such a different track for me and validates my ability to jump on every record and still keep it Yaw.”


Stream TEST DRIVE below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo