Melbourne-based singer Louise Gaul has stunned and humbled us with her debut single These Palms. With music that leans toward alluring darkness, lyrics that are pure poetry and vocals that are magnetic and haunting, we are already eagerly awaiting Gaul’s next track as we bask in the beauty of this debut.

From the moment the piano line begins, there’s an intimate and intriguing heaviness that washes over your body. As Louise Gaul sings of blessing these palms and this touch, her restrained and calculated tone is commanding and powerful. The lyrics are complex and eloquent, with lines like ‘and my head wanders widely asunder‘ and ‘keep every beat, these afflictions are mine‘ creating a mystique of both classic literature and spell-binding sanctity.

The piano line delicately dances across the surface of These Palms, creating the imagery of a lone ballerina on a dimly lit stage, or a music box tinkling away in the darkness on a dresser. A sense of a whimsical, dream-like reality seeps through, before a growing intensity introduces a cascade of colourful and emotive strings.

There’s no demand of anything else as the strings take over, with the vocals backing away to give the listener a moment to absorb the magnitude of the track and get lost in their own perception of the lyrics.

Like gently placing you back on solid ground after being swept up in a strong gust of wind, the final part of the song strips back to Gaul’s evocative vocals and a lone piano line, delicately disappearing as you listen.

I’d watched my belief system crumble before me and it was spectacular. ‘These Palms’ is my way of capturing the swirl of contradictory thoughts, unanswered questions and chaos of that experience. A strange pleasure feels intrinsically tied to that uncertainty now, and I wanted to create something that pressed the sweet spot between that pleasure and angst.

Louise Gaul

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Posted by Rebecca Costanzo