Before Dawn, the debut EP from Melbourne-based artist Quiet Blue (a.k.a Nic Georgiou) is a ‘love letter to the night‘. Describing himself as having ‘an intense relationship‘ with the night time, Quiet Blue has curated a beautiful collection of tracks to capture the private serenity of spending time in the darkness with your own thoughts.

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Come Into The Water opens the EP with ethereal tones. The tinkling piano keys sparkle, creating the visual of a glistening ocean or drips breaking the stillness of calm waters. As the track slowly grows in intensity, a sense of suspense builds along with it. The vocals soar across each other throughout the track creating the ultimate meditative tone, and the bold rhythm carries the song while somehow being imperceptible in the overarching experience. With incredible subtlety, Quite Blue has managed to draw in layers of sonic embellishments that seamlessly circle around a central lyric while continually creating new interest.

The second track, 2AM, carries a heavier beat while piano melodies race to overlap each other in the background. Following a more mainstream pop style, a clever use of drums and other percussive elements create space in the track to let the vocals take the lead. There’s a weight to the song that pays tribute to the heaviness of the night time, like taking a silent and burdensome walk under dimly lit street lamps.

The Nights (as previously reviewed here) is a jazzier number that takes intricately opposing rhythms, a ticking clock style of beat and pulsating intensity that captures the restlessness of overthinking in a wired-yet-exhausted state of mind.

The next track, Wrong, starts with a scratching sound that sounds like roughly recorded rainfall hitting against a window pane. The sense of being pressed up against the glass on a rainy day creates a homely warmth to the start of the track while also capturing a grim sense of isolation. When the main beat kicks in and a new level of energy transpires, it’s a short-lived euphoria before the emptiness sinks in once again. The entire track follows the same pattern before a minimalist funk beat brings the song home.

IKYWTL strips things right back. It’s slow, full of emotion and laced with very deliberate lyrics. With poise, precision and purpose, the song seems steeped in second-guessing and chasing never-to-find answers in a long, sleepless night.

The final track, Are We On A One Way Train?, prepares you for its magnificence in its first subtle tones. Quiet Blue’s vocals are restrained and heart-breaking, as his lyrics instantly bring a sense of finality – of relationships, of moments in time, of this EP itself. Without much more than a few echoed vocals, a basic melodic road map and a gentle electric guitar to provide some extra light, this song marks a bittersweet ending with a bit of emotional resignation attached.

Since as far back as I can remember, late nights alone have been really the only time I have been able to have those serious thoughts about life, love and meaning. So it follows that this is the time I write all of my music. There is a certain quietness about the night that can sometimes be immensely isolating because it’s when you feel the most alone but its this isolation that has always allowed me to feel separate from the world to learn things about myself. This EP explores the ups and downs of my relationship with the night because with all of the lovely things, comes the perils, like bad dreams and insomnia’

Quiet Blue

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Posted by Rebecca Costanzo