Sydney’s lush indie rockers INKLINES recently released their first track for 2021. Blossom is a warm cocoon of rich vocals and just the right amount of grit, showcasing just how much the group have flourished over the past year. Read on for 11 of the band’s favourite tracks right now and why they’re so passionate about them.

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INKLINES have the knack for romantic rock and Blossom is no exception. The track features a full wall of sound that comes gently showering down and layers of guitars that perfectly melt together. The minimal leaning towards pop makes for easy listening and gorgeous subtlety, while still fiercely showing strength and power, and the superbly rich vocals float between the nostalgia of both the nineties and noughties.

Working with Lachlan West, the group recorded just outside of Goulburn, easing into the comfort and laid back style of a private getaway rather than pressured studio time. The results speak for themselves, with Blossom showcasing the ultimate in composure and creativity.

We did all our previous recordings in various studios and we decided it would be fun to change it up a bit this time. We rented a house just outside of Goulburn and bunkered down for three days, recording on the upper floor of the house. It definitely creates a different vibe when we were all just there with everything set up, remaining entrenched in the creating process over the whole weekend. The fact that we were separated from the city helped as well, it allowed us to just belong in the setting and get creative.



Turning it up to 11, Inklines have put together some of their favourite tracks at the moment

Kyoto – Phoebe Bridgers (Will)
I’ve been listening to Phoebe Bridgers a lot recently. I just think she’s found such a distinctive sound and this song from her latest album really stood out to me. From the first time I heard it, it was stuck in my head for weeks and I’ve definitely found it peeping through in some of the newer songs I’ve been writing.

The Less I Know The Better – Tame Impala (Tom)
This song has to have one of the smoothest entry riffs I have ever heard, and it certainly stands out among the album. While the rest of the Tame Impalas ‘Currents’ is filled with equally impressive and infectious grooves, it’s the hook laden ‘The Less I know The Better’ that caught my attention from the get-go, and still does to this day.

Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus – The Strokes (Dan)
This song gripped me from the start with its catchy synth intro which is then accompanied by the band bringing in those nostalgic and signature stroke tones, after just one listen I already had the chorus stuck in my head.  I’ve been a long-time strokes fan and am pleased to see their sound develop and evolve to where it is today.

Might Be Right – White Reaper (Will)
This song is just an instant classic for me. From the first listen it just sounds so familiar, like a song you’re sure you’ve heard many times before, but it just has this fresh, exciting vibe about it. Super catchy, just like the whole album. An undeniable favorite.

Pressure – Muse (Tom)
Muse never fails to impress me, however it did take a while for me to come around to their latest album ‘Simulation Theory’. However, once I gave it a solid crack and committed to it, there was no going back. Pressure has to be the song I’m the most excited to hear on the album every time around. It’s the pounding verses leading into the punchy chorus riffage that I can’t get enough of. Matt’s guitar sounds so fat and bulky, and it’s just a really good pump-up, motivation song.

Cory Wong – Vulfpeck (Dan)
Joe Dart. need I say more?

Song in My Head – Madison Cunningham (Will)
Hands down my favorite song of 2019. My discovery of Madison Cunningham kind of came out of nowhere. A work friend showed me ‘Pin It Down’, which was the lead single from Madison’s latest album ‘Who Are You Now?’, because he thought I’d appreciate the drumming or something. I liked it, put the album on straightaway and ‘Song in My Head’ just rolls in on track 2 like it’s no one’s business. I just remember sitting there, headphones on and feeling like I’ve just heard music for the first time again. I don’t know what it is about this song. It just has everything. Listen to it, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Join The Club – Hockey Dad (Tom)
Sometimes all you need is fast paced, scream it at the top of your lungs garage rock. And whenever I feel the urge to let it all out, this is my go to track, you can’t beat it. Love the fills, love the riffs, and just love the overall vibe of this one.

Limelight – Rush (Dan)
Limelight is a timeless rock ballad that is suitable for any mood with its easy-going lyrics, melodic guitar riffs and tight drum lines. In typical rush fashion the song varies in its timing which keeps me as a listener interested. The lyrics speak to me as they are about making it big in the music industry and the pros and cons to “living in the limelight”.

Roddy – Djo (Will)
Joe Keery. Far out. We all knew and liked ‘Ralphie’ by Post Animal when he was recording with them. But then he goes and makes an album on his own – and does a hell of a job. This song combines synth elements, with some classic rock guitar tones and a warm, steady vocal delivered nonchalantly, in the most appropriate way. This is one that is hard to imagine anyone not getting a little something out of. 

Bedshaped – Keane (Tom)
This one is a recent find for me. Will played a couple of their tracks in the car one day and I couldn’t stop humming them all week. Its final track on ‘Hopes and Fears’ I can’t get enough of though, it’s just got an infectious chorus melody that I struggle to shake out of my head. Definitely a song for those lazy Sunday afternoon chill outs. 

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