First dates and big egos. Bad manners and terrible chit-chat. It’s all on show in the official video for Sammy Honeysett‘s bold rock take on the cringe-worthy dating scene, premiering on LIKE VELVET Music today. The video clip for I C UR LIPS is a lighthearted poke at some of the worst parts of horrendous first dates topped off with our latent fantasies of throwing food and yelling with frustration.

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I C UR LIPS just cannot hide the sass. From the opening bass line that carries its own sense of cheek to the thumping bass drum that pulses with the frustration of monotony, Sammy Honeysett has captured the vibe of the dreaded substandard date in a hard rock n roll track.

The official video clip is the work of Michael Conlon. Set at a burlesque dining table situated in the middle of a tennis court, we witness a display of tortured boredom and laughably deplorable etiquette. The thundering drums and lead guitar are still no match for the unspoken volume of Honeysett’s perfect eye-roll and sarcastically miming hand.

We watch moment after moment of deal-breaking scenes. The over familiarity between your date and your waiter, the greedy eating and grubby manners, the deign to sit there through the obnoxious anecdotes rather than shouting your frustration and walking away. Luckily for us, Honeysett holds nothing back by taking her dessert and smearing it on her date as he continues to hyper-verbalise in oblivion.

I know a few girls who have been on some shocking dates or just hung out with a few guys that make themselves out to be something they’re not & it’s super frustrating!! We wanted to take that element of frustration and create it into something light-hearted.

Sammy Honeysett

After the music ceases, we’re left looking at old mate – cake on his face and his never-bruised ego in tact – while he shamelessly declares, ‘yeah, she’s into me‘. Ugh, the audacity – yeah sorry, champ. She’s not.

If you want a second date with Sammy, keep an eye out for her debut EP, Queen of Wands, coming in early April. But for now, relive your last tragic date in the official video clip for I C UR LIPS below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo