Musical polymath Maths Time Joy has continued to deliver masterful collaborations with his latest stunning track, created alongside London three-piece RITUAL, releasing last Friday. Heavy On My Mind is a heavenly slice of subdued intoxication that flirts with the darkness to deliver the soft caress of a kind but heavy heart.

Photo: Joupin (@joupin)

Setting a beautiful scene, the introduction to Heavy On My Mind is smokey and sensual. Drawing similarities to tracks like Arcadia by The Kite String Tangle or the production style of Chet Faker/Nick Murphy, Maths Time Joy has created yet another seamless production with layers of depth that you could keep unraveling for hours.

The vocals in this song are totally magnetic, riding the waves of the synth while maintaining a velvety richness. As they dip in and out of muted effects, they’re constantly complemented by electronic purrs, the crackle of a vinyl record and even a brief encounter with a clarinet. Playing with pace, swapping melody for beat at the forefront of the track, and constantly teasing with intrigue, Heavy On My Mind is a stunning production that continues to cement Maths Time Joy as one of the masters of mixing melancholy with seduction.

I made this track several years ago and Ritual wrote to it maybe a year or two later. I remember hearing their music and being a fan and we eventually linked up to work together, but most of this track we ended up writing remotely. We knew there was something good in the idea but with our own separate release schedules it was challenging to find the right time to release it, so it’s good to finally get this one out there.

Maths Time Joy

Stream Heavy On My Mind below:

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Posted by Rebecca Costanzo