Oly Sherman has made his mark on the start of 2021 with an absolutely delectable collaboration with hip hop artist KP Hydes – and the contrast between the Hydes’ low-rolling verses and Sherman’s vibrant summery tones is just so damn addictive.

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The entirety of Lush Lyfe is rhythmically soothing. Starting with mild synths that echo on a delay – first slow and steady and then fast like cars rushing past you on a freeway – the simple layers of the track continue to build in line with the vocals that guide it. As KP Hydes works against a steady drum beat, Oly Sherman weaves his voice against a funky guitar.

Playing on a sense of irony, the lyrics seem to chase the unachievable dream. Like the gloss on a social media reality or the crippling comparison of lifestyles, Oly Sherman has started to debunk the misconceptions of grandeur.

Towards the end of the track, there’s a change in the vocal hook. As the song builds up again, it reintroduces all the same elements from earlier. The repeated vocal lines, each using some variant of ‘when will it get better?’, create the ultimate private-lounge-room-disco style of reflection.

The song for me is about feeling slightly misunderstood. I was going through so many of the motions in so many aspects of my life for so long, and wasn’t until recently I decided to start making more decisions for myself. The title of the song is ironic in a way, as a ‘lush life’ can be misleading.

Oly Sherman

Stream Lush Lyfe below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo