Hailing from Melbourne, electronic duo SENNSES (a.k.a Trent Broussard and Hayden Gordic) have created an atmospheric gem that leaves you craving more. Outside is a seductive track that draws you in to whisper tantalising secrets in your ear, empowering you to follow the beat of your own drum.

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The opening minute of Outside is pure melodic foreplay. They say ‘satisfaction is the death of desire’, and the structure of SENNSES‘ latest track is nothing if not an exciting tease. The minimal dance beat means that even its gentlest caress carries high energy, toying constantly with faster pace and bigger production. The vocals start off front and centre, before drawing back into breathy seduction.

While many comparisons have been drawn to the likes of Rüfüs du Sol (and rightly so), there are traces of tracks such as Arman Van Buuren’s ‘This Is What It Feels Like‘ and the general lo-fi house vibes of Disclosure.

While SENNSES describe the lyrics as the ‘sense of “calm” you feel when you realise that people’s opinions don’t matter‘, they could equally describe the pressure of prying eyes and judgement.

For me, this song is all about staying in your own lane, not listening to the noise and not listening to people when they say you can’t do something. It’s something we have lived by from day one, and something that has pushed us forward.

Hayden Gordic, SENNSES

Stream Outside below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo