French producer Folamour has delivered his latest exotic single The Journey. This tantalising title track from his upcoming record (due for release in June 2021) is vibrant and vivacious, made all the more better by the brilliant vocals of Zimbabwe-born Zeke Manyika.

Photo credit: Koria

The Journey is a classy minimal dance track that is simultaneously laden with tireless vigour. An absolute treat that will tread a generational divide, Folamour‘s production will undoubtedly have an instant appeal to a wide range of listeners thanks to its perfectly placed hooks and colourful beat.

Paying homage to some of the classics, this song has a firm grip on tribal influences with pipe-like synths rhythmically dancing behind Zeke Manyika’s invigorating vocals (which are sung in Shona, one of 16 official languages in Zimbabwe). Tracks like Madan (Salif Keita) spring to mind, as well as the cleanness of songs like Starlight (The Supermen Lovers) and the scaling synths of Todd Tjere‘s Inspector Norse.

The lyrics tell a tale of departure, travel and fear, however it’s the organic sounds that overlap with electronic prowess that weightlessly transcend the limits of uncertainty to ultimately meet pure bliss.

The Journey is undeniably spiritual and instantly uplifting, playing beautifully between tantalising mystique and a shamelessly feel-good time.

A happy coincidence made me discover Zeke’s voice in a song while I was waiting for the perfect timbre and a few messages later we met in a London pub and I knew he would be the voice of this story. ‘The Journey’, the eponymous song, is directly resulting from the will to concentrate a lived experience, a piece of life in a text, in a moment of music inviting to plunge into this story.

Artwork credit: Baptiste Le Quiniou

Stream The Journey or watch the official video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo and Ollie Roberts