TRACK: The Rush – Sonny Grin ft. RISSA

Here to revive that blissful summer vibe as the cold weather starts to creep in is Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist Sonny Grin. His latest release, The Rush, is infectiously vibrant and musically masterful, making it the ideal tune for a bit of escapism . With the help of RISSA, whose luscious vocals shower radiance over the track, The Rush is a song you’re guaranteed to have on endless repeat.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Get Dizzy – Lexicon H

Lexicon H’s debut single is a reflective track that tackles big topics in a short burst, and the official video clip exclusively launches today on LIKE VELVET Music. ‘Get Dizzy’ challenges the pursuit of future dreams at the cost of our present happiness. It pinpoints the blurred lines of self-interest and how heavily it can affect our journey through life, and more significantly, how our own identities are formed.

TRACK: Sorry – Deb Never

Somehow combining gentle beauty and icy revenge, Deb Never’s latest track ‘Sorry’ is an alluring production that finds light in the darkness (or perhaps darkness in the light). Setting an anticipatory tone, Sorry is the first track lifted from Deb Never’s upcoming project (slated for release in the coming months), leaving listeners eager to discover more of her unique blend of dreamy melodies and ominous grunge.

TRACK: Didn’t Call – COTTA

There’s something about waiting for a phone call that never comes. It starts with intense excitement, then creeps into a sense of doubt, until finally you meet pure frustration (especially when you’re charged and ready for something a little more playful). COTTA’s latest track Didn’t Call somehow makes you feel light and youthful while also being entirely relatable in adult relationships.

FEATURE: The Soundtrack to Nuria’s Life

Nuria (a.k.a Anna Maynard) has released her latest track Juliette – a spectacularly ethereal and cinematic song that edges towards Celtic-inspired style. Juliette is a celestial and voluminous song overflowing with drama and orchestral intensity, cleverly combining Irish folk with mainstream pop to create an incendiary and passionate performance. Continuing with the cinematic experience, Nuria has let us in on the soundtrack of five movie montage moments in her life.

TRACK: Slowdance – Mndsgn

There’s something about a slow dance that can make the world fall away. It’s a moment where time stands still. Your body is intimately close to another. Between you and the music there’s nothing else that exists, and you never want that moment to end. Mndsgn’s latest track is a commitment to never stop that dance, metaphorically moving in time with the music of life, while capturing the lush and soulful sonic ambience of those private moments.


Releasing her first track in two years, SAYAH has absolutely delivered on her signature ‘confessional pop tracks that make your mum blush’. Fruit is a little bit of a ‘f** you’ (…and a little bit of a ‘f*** me’ too) that battles both sides of the seduction coin. Wrapped up in an exciting and catchy tune, SAYAH has confidently declared her return and set the bar high for her future.