Nuria (a.k.a Anna Maynard) has released her latest track Juliette – a spectacularly ethereal and cinematic song that edges towards Celtic-inspired style. Juliette is a celestial and voluminous song overflowing with drama and orchestral intensity, cleverly combining Irish folk with mainstream pop to create an incendiary and passionate performance. Continuing with the cinematic experience, Nuria has let us in on the soundtrack of five movie montage moments in her life.

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Tasmanian singer-songwriter Nuria (Anna Maynard) today releases her latest track, Juliette. Her vocals and song structure aren’t altogether different from the likes of Woodes, particularly the opening verse of Queen of the Night, except that Juliette veers towards a more classically inclined composition. The thundering drums and echoing vocals create a sense of fantasy in a theatrically thrilling song.

The orchestral feel is stunningly overwhelming, allowing Nuria’s angelic vocals to transcend the speakers while also resonating deep within your chest. The culmination of emotion is explosive, yet breezily dreamy and soothing.

Sometimes when you fall in love with someone the experience is so intense it can feel like both pleasure and a poison. Juliette is about that feeling. How we can need, and want something so much that the ache feels almost like an illness, yet the attainment of that love is the ultimate salvation.


Soundtrack of five movie montage moments in Nuria’s life

There are moments in my (Nuria’s) life where I feel like I’m in my own movie montage. Those times feel  poignant for whatever particular reason and I listen to music loudly so it all feels dramatic and could  be in slow motion, you know? Those moments become anchored to that soundtrack. And if I hear  the music that marks that moment I am transported straight back there. I can smell it, I can feel the  emotions of it, I experience the person I was at that time. This little collection gives a taste of the  eclectic span of music that has been the soundtrack of a handful of memorable montage moments  in my life. Let me take you on a little journey… 

Wicked Game – Chris Isaak

I’m sixteen, living with my big brothers while my parents have more or less moved out. We’ve got a totally boss sound system and sit outside on the couch on summer nights in our own little giggling fits. A bit high if we’re being honest.

Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

I’m 18, standing in an airport by myself about to board a one way flight to India. There’s a CD shop where you can put on some headphones and try before you buy (old school right?). I’ve just left my first love and I don’t know if I’m coming back. I listen to this song on repeat crying cos I’m lonely and confused and my life feels very, very dramatic.

Jungle – Emma Louise

I’m in med school, somewhere around the cusp of where ‘You seem  so much older than you are’ ceases to be a complement. In between old boyfriends, new  boyfriends, shouldn’t-be boyfriends and the general muddle of art vs science (wish I came  up with that for my band name first). And its like Emma Louise got herself inside my brain  and made a song about what that time felt like. Still love that song and frequently feel like  its so damn appropriate. 

21 – Gracie Abrams

Me and my husband have got a moment to ourselves deep in the years of young children – leave them with babysitters, jump in the car (quickly before anyone starts crying) drive down the dirt road to our favourite surf break with the volume up and the sweet smell of salt in our nostrils feeling as young and full of potential as the gorgeous Gracie Abrams.

Taluca Lake (Imad remix) – Tep N

Us last week, we built a house, moved into it, plugged in  the sound system and boogied around the empty boxes in the lounge room to this absolute  cracker of a song. Its all good intent and personal failings – which kind of sums me up pretty  damn well most of the time. Slightly depressing lyrics aside how can this song not make you feel good?  Available here (YouTube)

You can stream Juliette below:

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