Sydney-born ’90s soul Taylor B-W recently released her funky pop track Nunchucks – a song about giving up the fight for a relationship that’s heading nowhere and opting for a good time instead. Read on as we take a look at the nostalgic-style song and for Taylor’s generous playlist of some of her favourite tracks. Paying tribute to the classics, she also dives into some forgotten gems – the perfect combination to give you insight into the rising indie pop artist and to reacquaint yourself with some long lost tunes.

TRACK: Cowboys – Slayyyter

Slayyyter has a specialty for delivering her music in technicolour. Her vibrancy keeps no secrets, but her wild diversity is so mysterious that we can never wait to see what she does next. Her latest track Cowboys is another exciting and colourful track full of retro-guitar, angsty punk-pop vocals, and a devilish sweetness that you can never quite trust.